About StarPay
WeChat payments is here in the UK

The future of mobile payments is here. WeChat is China’s social media platform of choice. With 800m+ users globally it is more than a social app; WeChat is a complete ecosystem, bringing social, content and commerce together in one tight bundle. StarPay is an authorised WeChat Pay service provider with a payment gateway fully hosted in the UK. This ensures full security of transactions and ensures (excluding public holidays in UK and China) you will receive the money for the transaction on the very next day!

WeChat parent company Tencent is the No.1 internet company in China. Over 1 billion users with over 30,000 staff.
WeChat App
Think Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google & Amazon functions rolled into a single mobile app. 1Billion active monthly users.
WeChat Pay
With over 600M wallet users WeChat is winning the race for mobile wallet supremacy. The ultimate payments system.
180 million monthly active users. China No.1 overseas travel life consumer guide & internet + service e-commerce group.
Why WeChat?
Already over 600 million users trust their WeChat wallet
to pay for food, clothing, travel, entertainment and utilities.
And it’s now here in the UK.
chinese tourists chinese UK students chinese UK residents wechat UK users
Who should become a WeChat pay merchant or agent?
Any UK business who would like to attract or encourage spending with Chinese customers.
These maybe Chinese tourists, students or residents based in the UK.
The StarPay check-out system integrates seamlessly with your existing POS flow.
With StarPay you can accept WeChat payments from Chinese travellers, students and residents in the UK.
Welcome Chinese WeChat payment users as they explore and experience their stay in the UK.
StarPay works with schools, colleges, university and healthcare merchants to help simplify payments for Chinese students.
How it works?
Simple as 1, 2, 3. WeChat Pay with StarPay is easy to set up for a merchant
and removes payment barriers for WeChat users so they can keep on spending with you!
merchant sale

Once set-up with StarPay and WeChat payment Merchant Registration you can start to sell procducts and services to WeChat users in UK British Pounds sterling (GBP).

customer starpay scan

The customer (WeChat App and payment user) scan’s the merchants unique QR code and pays for the transaction according to the WeChat Pay exchange rate.

wechat payment

WeChat Pay receives payment confirmation then settles with Starpay in UK British Pounds sterling (GBP). Starpay pays the merchant in UK British Pounds sterling (GBP) the next working day.

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